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When we welcome our members into Alpha Phi, we welcome their families as well! Families strengthen our close sisterhood, which is why we are so grateful for you! That being said, we highly encourage your participation in our yearly events. In the fall, we invite you to attend our philanthropic focused Red Dress Gala to raise proceeds donated to the Alpha Phi Foundation along with our Family Weekend activities and tailgating events! In the spring, we invite you to our Mom’s and Dad’s Weekend where we celebrate our families and bond with our sisters. When you join us at these events, we hope that you feel confident and comfortable as your daughter flourishes in our chapter! 


We take pride in our academic foundation, leadership skills, and personal development. This sisterhood focuses on the personal welfare of our members by offering many opportunities to allow their growth beyond college. While being a member in a sorority is a time commitment, we promote school and well-being first. We encourage our members to strive to do their best and to reach out to their sisters for support. We want our members to feel confident in their strong academic and personal achievements. Alpha Phi provides study hours twice a week and a Social Support Circle once a week at our chapter house, along with many other resources to ensure our members are successful and cared for during their college years. 


Kate Burke & Rachel Plaster

VP of New Member Education & VP of  Membership Experience

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