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WELcome to our Chapter!

Sisterhood that lasts a lifetime, boundless love for one another and the community, practicing generosity and seeking to improve the lives of women are the basic tenants of our organization. Alpha Phi International Fraternity is more than just a Greek organization— it’s a community of empowered women supporting one another for a lifetime. Our sisterhood stretches across the United States and Canada with 173 collegiate chapters and a global network of high-achieving alumnae. When you join Alpha Phi, you’re welcomed by a community of more than 270,000 dedicated and loving members committed to lifelong friendships, leadership, academic excellence, personal growth, and community involvement. Best friends, soulmates, countless memories, and sisters forever. When brought together, these are the things that come to my mind when I think of Alpha Phi. 


Three years ago, I was a freshman at the University of Arizona and I went through recruitment for the same reason many do: I wanted sisters. I wanted somewhere to belong, a home away from home, and I wanted to be a part of something that was so much bigger than just myself. Going through recruitment, I was so nervous. Not just nervous because I had no idea how the process worked or who anyone was, but nervous out of excitement. However, I soon found that I had nothing to be nervous about because at that moment, I found my sorority, my home away from home. I found my sisters, my supporters, and my shoulders to cry on, and from that moment I never looked back. On bid day, I gained more than just a sorority of 350 new sisters, but I gained my best friends that still stand by my side today, and a support system that will walk my life with me for years to come.


I can honestly say nothing means as much to me as Alpha Phi, and over the course of my time here, I have made my best friends, created my fondest memories, given back extensively to my community, excelled in academics, and became a leader of the Greek community to which none of this would be possible without my sisters’ support, guidance, and love. I know I can speak for all of my sisters when I say life will give you twists and turns, but what will always be stable is Alpha Phi, your sisters, this house, and a sisterhood that can never be broken. I am honored and humbled to serve the Beta Epsilon Chapter of Alpha Phi this year and can only hope that you will find your forever home, just like I did three years ago. It is my duty and honor to uphold Alpha Phi as our founders would have hoped in 1872. Alumnae, fellow sisters, and future interests, please feel free to contact me at any time with any questions or concerns you may have. Alpha Phi is always here for you.
Haily Diltz

AOE always,

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