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Alpha Phi's sisterhood is a unique and everlasting bond that is the foundation from which our chapter is built. To be a member of Alpha Phi is to be a part of a truly exceptional friendship that lasts far beyond your college experience. Sisterhood means not only supporting one another, but also holding one another up to a higher standard to inspire each sister to be their best selves. The Alpha Phi chapter at The University of Arizona exceeds at the promotion of sisterhood. From the day new members receive their bids to graduation, we focus on the enjoyment of being sisters and friends for life! To even further expand this unique bond, our chapter organizes many events throughout the year. From exciting outings like sporting games and shopping events to relaxing nights-in such as movie marathons and holiday decorating, Alpha Phis love and cherish every moment spent together. 


Scholarship is one of the most important values for an Alpha Phi member. Because first and foremost we are students, our first priority is always academics. Our chapter holds each sister up to a higher academic standard, and in order to provide a focus on this, we have initiated several scholarship programs in order to help improve grades and study habits.


Firstly, in order to become a new member, you must hold a minimum grade point average of 3.0. Additionally, we appoint a Director of Academics who enhances the academic success and shows the University of Arizona and the Tucson community that the women of Alpha Phi take pride in their schoolwork. We want to ensure that we make our sisters' experiences not only special, but also beneficial for their future post-graduation. As a part of our scholarship program, Alpha Phi runs an academic mentor program based on major, hosts study hours, and provides the tools and space for Alpha Phi sisters to achieve academic success. We also have an exclusive study room where our members can find a quiet, cozy study space to use freely and still be in our beautiful home. No matter your major or your class, you can be sure there will always be a sister to have by your side while studying or to lend a helping hand! 




One of the best parts about becoming an Alpha Phi is having the opportunity to form a bond with another sister that is unlike any other. Big Sisters serve as guiding mentors throughout your Alpha Phi journey. They help you pick the right classes, give great advice, take you out for ice cream, and most importantly, are always there for you no matter what. 


Each new member receives a Big Sister during their first semester who serves as a role model and a best friend! During the week of Big/Little reveal, your Big will spoil you with gifts and welcome you into the Alpha Phi family. During the member’s second year, they too will receive a Little Sister who they get the opportunity to be a mentor for. Because this tradition has continued on for so many years, the new member (or "Little") will have an entire family of past Bigs and Littles to watch out for them and be there to guide them. 

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