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A Medical Scribe Today, makes a Doctor Tomorrow

As a student of the University of Arizona's College of Science, Bianca Vianson's vision and work ethic are strong. As a Physiology major and a Molecular and Cellular Biology minor, Bianca shows her formidable intelligence and ability to not only balance many hard tasks, but also to succeed in each one.

Beyond her success in school, Bianca is a summer Medical Scribe at Tucson Medical Center, where Bianca has said that she is able to, "gain expose within the medical field and learn more about the day-to-day routine of what it's like to be an Emergency Room (ER) doctor". Medical Scribes are tasked with 8 hour shifts working in the ER alongside a physician by recoding information regarding the symptoms and treatments for the various patients seen. In this way, Bianca is able to get direct exposure to what her future career as a doctor will look like, as well as gain insight into how her current classes relate to those aspects she sees in the Emergency Room.

"My job allows me to not only utilize my passion for medicine, but also allows me to make connections with doctors", Bianca said about working as a Medical Scribe. Beyond that, Bianca finds it important to be able to "apply my academic knowledge in real life situations", in order to facilitate kinesthetic learning.

Bianca is already far ahead in preparing for her future career as a doctor, but that doesn't stop her from exploring entrepreneurship endeavors with her friend and Alpha Phi sister, Payton Stanley. Both women have invested time and energy into their version of a music sharing social media application called Beatdrop Live (developed by Sahlini Goswami). Beatdrop Live is currently available on the app store as the first social media for Music sharing as users are able to "listen and share music in the moment, with one or many people around the world". Bianca and Payton launched Beatdrop Live in late March, and are still working through the beta-level testing of the application.

As a full time student, a Medical Scribe, and an entrepreneur, Bianca Vianson embodies what it means to be an Alpha Phi woman of scholarship, leadership, and character.

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